Don’t bend over backwards to please them – there is a better way

When you care so much about others that you bend over backwards in order to please them, you will eventually break down.

You cannot put your own wellbeing aside and just focus on keeping those around you satisfied. It will backfire.

If you already have broken down – how do you sooth yourself back into feeling better again? One of the first things to do is to stop the negative spiral – stop saying yes when your inner guidance says no. Dare to say no and respect yourself enough to set boundaries. Listen to your body, if it is tired – make time to rest. If you feel stressed out at work, go slower and face your challenges from the mindset that nothing matters more than how you feel. When you make how you feel your first priority, you will focus on your rest, your balance and what feels like relief to you first, and from that balanced state you will then deal with the challenges and people that come to you.

Not only will you feel better once you begin to practice this, you will also be of most value to those around you as well. A win, win situation.


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