No prison sentence and no money will ever erase that painful moment

In the lonliest of moments, in the darkest of nights, the thoughts of what happened always return. The worst part was not the pain, the humiliation or all the bruises you made on my body… the worst part was the second after I said no, when I begged you not to do it, and you just placed your cold hand firmly over my mouth while you did exactly what I feared you would do. The powerlessness I felt in that moment was the worst most debilitating feeling I have ever felt.

It has been 7 months now, and yet not a day has gone by without me having a thousand flashbacks to that moment. Not a night goes by without a painful memory that haunts me in the dark. No prison sentence and no money will ever erase that painful moment.


The attitude you have affects the results you get ❀ – show your body that you love it

How you feel about what you do and how you feel about your body matters more than what you choose to do.

If you like to work out, do so. If you like to relax, do so. Whatever you choose, choose it with love in your heart. It truly is mind over matter. The attitude you have affects the results you get.

I am a mother of two little babies and I work out because I love my body. I love to feel the strenght of my muscles and to see how flexible my body is. I choose to work out 3 times every week, 20 minutes, at home. That fits me perfectly. I also enjoy practicing hand stands which I recently began with, and jumping on my kids mini-trampoline 😊.

Relaxing is also one of my favourite ways of showing my body that I love and honor it. I make some time everyday to just relax and rest.

But my absolute favourite way of showing my body that I love it is by enjoying delicious food! 😍🀀 I adore food and I lovingly allow myself to enjoy the most delicious things I can think of. Hamburgers and fries from my favourite diner Brooklyn Burger in Huskvarna is one of the most delicious treats I treat myself too weekly.

  • How about you? What are your favourite ways of showing your body that you love it? 🌸

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