How to live a meaningful, satisfying and happy life


What brings you joy in your life? What makes you happy? Do more of those things! Stop following the crowd, stop listening to the peanut-gallery – what other people like and dislike has nothing to do with you!

Leave everybody else out of the equation, this is your life. Only you know what things you desire most, only you know what makes you feel good. We all want different things in life, we all have different desires and beliefs. Listen to your heart, follow your bliss and allow yourself to enjoy the things that call you the most. Do not let society, your friends or your family choose for you, they cannot possibly know what calls you the most.

We are not meant to desire the same things, we are not supposed to think and feel in the same ways – our differences are what makes life so interesting! Lovingly allow others to choose as they want to, lovingly allow them to desire and belive as they choose to while at the same time you allow yourself to desire, believe and choose and you choose to. That is the key to a meaningful, satisfying and happy life.


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