Honor yourself and the choices you have made – rest in the truth

There are so many people in the world who think they know what is best for you – but they don´t. Only you can know that. It is so easy to say ”Just follow your heart” but what does it actually mean?

First off, no one except you knows what you have been through. No one except you knows how bad you have felt. No one except you knows how scared you have been and how alone you have felt. Only you. So why would you ever let them and their opinions bother you, when they truly know nothing about what happened to you?

In order to ”follow your heart” you have to turn down the noice from everyone around you and listen inwards. How do you feel? What brings you relief in this situation? You know the truth, so honor yourself and the choices you have made – even though the choices you made were hard.

Life is not always easy, but everything that happens to you can actually be an opportunity for you to grow and become even stronger as a person, no matter how hard it temporarily might seem. This too shall pass, and it will.


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