Love and honor your body – an inside job πŸ™β€

One of the most important things you can do is learning to love yourself, unconditionally. No matter what you look like or how you have felt about yourself up until this moment – you can learn to love yourself.

Even if you have spent your entire life hating yourself, you can change your thinking and you can begin to love yourself now.

No one who thinks hurtful thoughts about their own body truly feels good within. All it takes is a decision, a decision that you no longer want to hate yourself. A decision that you truly want to feel better. Then, practice shifting your thinking every day. Not just about yourself and about your body, but about all things! It is a lot easier to begin looking for things you appreciate and things you like in other things, situations and other people than with yourself – so begin with the easier things! Once you have practiced a kind, loving attitude of appreciation relative to others, you will automatically begin to see yourself in a new light. It takes time, it takes practice and above all, it takes a willingness to feel better. But you can do it.

I spent the first 25 years of my life hating myself and my body. Then I decided I didn’t want to hate myself anymore, I didn’t want to feel so awful within. So, little by little I began shifting my way of thinking, and little by little I aquired a new way of looking at everything and everyone around me. Once I had reached this point, I began looking at myself with new eyes. It took time. It took practice. It wasn’t easy, but I did it. Now, 10 years later I truly love and honor myself no matter what other people choose to think, say and do to me. Loving yourself is an inside job.


Take pleasure from your fantasies – build your strenght, health and your beauty

Allow your fantasy to breathe life into you, use your imagination to live out all your sweet desires and let it fuel your wellbeing.

Every second you spend feeling good – no matter the reason – is a second you are building your strenght, your health and your beauty.

Feeling good is the key to all things you desire, so why not spend a few minutes of every day enjoying a fantasy?

No matter how hard it has been, you are allowed to feel good again πŸŒ±

No matter how dark and cold the winter, a flower will still bloom when spring arrives.

No matter how hard it has been, you are allowed to feel good again! You are allowed to blossom, you are allowed to shine and you are allowed to thrive. You are allowed to smile and begin to enjoy life again.

If you want to feel better

In what ways can you show yourself some love today? Think of at least three things that you really enjoy doing and decide to do those things today. It can be little things like wearing your favourite dress that you feel really pretty in, taking a warm soothing bubble bath after your children have gone to bed or eating your favourite meal for lunch.

Even more important than the things you choose to do – what things can you choose to think about yourself today that will bring you relief? What you think matters just as much as what you do and if you really want to be kinder to yourself, it is time to start paying attention to what you are thinking and choose better-feeling thoughts!

WouldnΒ΄t it be nice to go through your day at work thinking ”I am doing the best I can and that is enough.” ”I give myself time to relax every now and then through out my day.” ”I value myself.” ”I am important.” ”I like what I do.” ”I care about my co-workers.” ”I feel appreciated.” ”I am a positive person”… and so on.

– – –

How would you treat a cute little kitten or a sweet little baby? What things would you say to them? Why not start being kinder to yourself as well?

Pay attention to the thoughts you think, not only about yourself but about everyone else and everything else as well. Just pay attention and be aware. When you think critisizing thoughts– gently stop and deliberatley choose better-feeling thoughts. This is a wonderful way to show yourself that you care about how you feel and that you value yourself.

Deliberately think the best of everything and everyone

Wouldn’t it be fun to turn every complaint into a statement about what you now know you desire?

Wouldn’t it be nice to feel the rush of positive energy as you open up and look for reasons to like, enjoy and love?

Imagine the ease and joy you would feel as you choose to look at everything through loving eyes.

Enjoy an open and easy-going attitude today where you deliberately think the best of everything and everyone.

Can you please be kinder to yourself today? πŸ’–

Can you please be kinder to yourself today? See this new day as a new opportunity for you to begin treating yourself like someone you really care about. Sooth yourself, comfort yourself, support yourself and believe in yourself.

There is kindness, beauty, love, joy, passion and desire within you – it is time you open up your eyes and look at yourself with loving eyes. You, as much as everyone else, deserv your love and affection – now. Not when your problems are fixed, not when your body is healed – but now. Right here, right now, no matter what. πŸ™

In the darkest of nights, stars shine the brightest πŸŒŸ

Be the one who smiles through the tears, the one who grows stronger with each set back and becomes kinder with each loss.

Even the stars shine the brightest when darkness is all around.

Hide away from the world for a while – reset, recharge and refocus πŸŒ±

It is ok to hide away from the world for a while, to back away from all the noice and allow your mind and body some rest.

You don’t have to explain or justify, just allow yourself the time you need to reset, refocus and recharge. If they were not by your side when life was beating you up, they could not possibly understand how tired you are on the inside. Listen with love to your body’s messages, allow yourself the time you need to rest. One step at a time. 🌱

When it feels like your world is falling apart β€

Be kinder to yourself, especially when it feels like all hope is lost. When you are feeling your worst – that is when you need to be the kindest to yourself.

Other people might sooth you temporarily, but lasting soothing comes from within, and only you can do that.

Give yourself some credit, you have survived every day of your life so far – even though it has been very hard at times. You are stronger than you think. It is easy to give up, it is easy to feel sad and broken when everything is falling apart – but it doesn’t make things better!

No matter what happened, you have to realize that you are always doing the best you can, given the beliefs, desires and emotional state you are in. So don’t beat up on yourself over what happened – be kinder to yourself! Sooth yourself! Make peace with your past and your present, see each new moment as a fresh new opportunity for you to feel a little better. What things can you do right now that would bring you relief? Do those things! What soothing words would you love to hear? Say those things to yourself!

Don’t wait for circumstances to change in order for you to feel better, don’t wait for someone to come and rescue you – sooth yourself, and begin right here and right now. ❀

Use your imagination, live out your fantasy and feel better

Take a few moments every day to imagine. Visualize beautiful, relaxing scenarios where you can rest mentally and emotionally. Give yourself the gift of pleasurefilled scenarios that make you feel better.

A few minutes of day dreaming will be a reliefgiving break that can improve not only how you feel but your entire day as well. Try this every day for a week, especially if you are having a hard time right now. Give yourself time to relax, time to enjoy your fantasy. Nothing will improve your life more than caring about how you feel and deliberarely doing something to feel better.

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