Why are some people so mean?

No one who truly loves themselves, who are kind, loving and caring toward themselves would ever hurt another person. How you act and react is a pure reflection of how you feel, and especially how you feel about yourself.

Those who lash out in anger are having emotional pain within and doesn’t know that they have the power to change how they feel. Instead they blame that one and that one… instead they argue, they start wars, they hurt, they try to control… instead of focusing on the only thing that works.

Those who constantly find flaws, criticise and dislike… they are not liking themselves, they are not kind to themselves and they don’t know they have all the power within to change how they feel. That is why they think they feel better when they put others down – it feels better than to feel insecure and powerless. But it doesn’t last so they have to do it again and again… instead of focusing on the only thing that works.

You have to begin with how you feel. You have to begin to sooth yourself, value yourself, care about how you feel and learn to love yourself.


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  1. revolutionarymusings
    Aug 11, 2018 @ 04:48:13

    Wow very well written. From time to time I lash out but it is vast improvement from the past. When I was an angry person who hurt others all the time; it’s because I was in so much pain and I needed someone to blame. Once I start loving myself was able to kinder to the and show compassion. Thank you for a great post

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  3. righteousbruin9
    Aug 11, 2018 @ 23:54:24

    Very insightful! I am essentially a believer in my own abilities and kind towards self and others, so it’s natural that getting on well with others comes easily.

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  4. Akriti pandya
    Aug 12, 2018 @ 17:15:40

    Love this blog. Keep writing ❤️

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