A beautiful body and a happy face – not the key to happiness

Strenght is not always seen on the outside, true strenght comes from within.

A smile and polite words can hide so much pain and suffering. Never judge a person by the external irrelevant stuff you see – there is always so much more to the story. Choose to love yourself and others unconditionally.


True confidence doesn’t care about likes or dislikes! πŸ’–

β›ˆRain and thunder πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜β›ˆ

We have had such luck today, we spent the entire day outside in the park and in our garden. When we went inside – at around 3pm – the weather slowly changed and it began to rain heavily and we could here thunder in the far distance. Absolutely magnificent!

An early morning workout and a trip to the park πŸ’–

Started the day at 6am with a short workout while my babies ate their breakfast

One of our cats decided to join me on the floor 🀣.

Then we made ourselves ready to go to the park. The weather was wonderful, it was not too warm and it rained ever so slightly for a few seconds when we started walking.

We were so hungry that we only stayed an hour at the park, then we went back home for some lunch. A perfect, relaxing day. I never want to go back to work! πŸ€£πŸ’–

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