I am whole and complete by myself ❤

I am complete by myself, I don’t need anyone. If I choose to spend my time with you, it is because I really like you and I enjoy our time together – you just high-light how good I already feel.


An awesome and hot day outside ☀️

We have spent the entire day outside, more or less. ☀️

And my boyfriend surprised us with some extra delicious food when he got home. Sushi for him and burger and fries for me and our babies.

Of course our babies had to try a piece of lemon 🍋😂

My baby boy thought it was way too sour 😂 but my baby girl kind of liked it, a little.

It truly has been an awesome day and my babies were so tired when it was time to relax a little before bedtime.

Now I have put them to bed and I will enjoy the rest of the evening in a relaxed way – with my favourite music. 💖

I hope you have had a great day as well.

A cozy morning

I fell asleep at around 2am and woke up at 5am – it was way too hot to sleep. When I woke up I felt so well rested and energized, totally ready for an awesome Friday.

We had a cozy morning together and I took a few minutes to work out a little after breakfast. After that we went to the park again.

It was really nice outside, even though it was only 8am when we went out it was very warm and sunny. The sky is blue and the temperature is already around 25 degrees celcius, a perfect summer’s day ahead. ☀️

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