A rainy day with a sunny ending πŸŒ§β˜€οΈ

It has rained a lot today, pretty much the entire day. It was a perfect day to play and have fun inside.

My babies and I had to venture out in the heavy rain anyway because I needed to do the grocery shopping for this week. πŸ˜‚ We got really wet but we had so much fun together and they were such happy helpers in the store. ❀❀ When we got home I rewarded them with some chocolate.

There truly is only great weather for little kids – they love it all! We went out and had fun in the rain and in the late afternoon it stopped raining and got really warm and sunny again so we went out and played some more.

I hope you have had a great day as well. 😊


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  1. Colors of my life
    Jun 18, 2018 @ 10:17:51

    In our part of the world, it hardly rains, even clouds makes us mad. But for some reason, I dont like rain.

    Enjoying the family time, is more important

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  2. The V Pub
    Jun 18, 2018 @ 13:44:44

    Chocolate is a wonderful reward. Lovely photos!

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  3. Rageshree
    Jun 18, 2018 @ 18:00:28

    Such cute photos!πŸ’œ

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