I love you eternally because it feels so good to love


A day in Mullsjö

First we went to buy a gift for our friend and I also bought some hair balm and make up at Body Shop. After that we had lunch at Mc donalds (I only had fries because I don’t like their burgers).

Then we went to Brooklyn Burger and bought my favourite burger for me (my boyfriend’s idea) and we went to a park in Jönköping where my babies could play while I enjoyed my delicious burger.

Then we went to Mullsjö where we stayed almost 4 hours. It was extremely hot so we went down to the lake for a while, so refreshing.

A warm and sunny Saturday

Today is going to be incredibly hot and sunny. It was over 20 degrees already in the early morning. Clear blue sky and really nice.

Today we will go to Jönköping to buy a gift for a friend and then we will go to Mullsjö.

I wish you a wonderful day as well.

Relax! You are not judged – you are loved unconditionally, eternally

Just start enjoying life

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