Best morning ever πŸ’–πŸ’–

We are loving this morning – lots of laughter, fun and play.

I wish you the best day ever. πŸ’–


Slept so good in our new bed πŸ’–

Yesterday we bought a new bed, it was so comfortable! I slept so good last night and I felt so well rested when I woke up this morning.

I truly love being home with my babies, I wish I could stay home with them forever. Until that is possible, I will continue to enjoy our 7 weeks together. πŸ’–

Enjoy your now moment

A playful day and a new bed β€

We have spent most of the day playing outside.

We also bought a new bed 😍, I really look forward to sleeping in it later tonight. ❀ We have had our old bed for 10 years now so it was just about time to upgrade a little πŸ˜‚.

I hope your day has been good too.

No matter what they think, say or do πŸ’–

My favourite summer dress this year πŸ’–

I love clothes, especially dresses. This year I bought a new summer dress and it has become my absolute favourite one! It is so comfortable yet super hot, sexy, beautiful and has a lovely bright color.

I wore it earlier today when we were inside and I put it on again when we came in again tonight. It is still a bit too cold to wear it outside – it has only been around 17 degrees celcius today.

  • Do you have something that you absolutely love to wear this summer?

An intense morning in the park πŸ˜Š

We woke up quite early today and we decided that we would make the most out of our time so we went to the park after breakfast.

They had a lot of fun and we were there for two hours.

And when we got back home we enjoyed a delicious lunch (burgers from yesterday’s barbeque.)

And now we are relaxing for a moment on the couch before we continue to play.

I hope your morning was nice as well.

What do you love? What turns you on? How do you find inner peace?

Time for a new habit – go through the drug withdrawal

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