Start approving of yourself ❤


A mini pool and lots of fun in the sun ☉

It has been almost 30 degrees celcius today, a magnificent day to spend outside all day. We went out at 8am and stayed outside until 5pm. We had lots of fun and we even bought a mini pool which my babies loved to play in.

We also visited our neighbour who also has a mini pool.

An awesome day. I hope you have had a magnificent day as well.

We are feeling good 😎

Magic happened while I was sleeping because when I woke up this morning I felt really good again! No fever, no nausea – just pure energy and eagerness to get the day started. We spent the entire morning outside, I did some work in the garden while my baby boy helped me out.

I felt so good I even worked out! Felt awesome.

Tomorrow I will go back to work again and my baby boy will go back to the day care centre.

Enjoy your day.

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