Lady in red ❤

One of the best things about having snow white skin and blonde hair is that you really sparkle and shine when you wear bright colors, especially when you wear something red.

I changed into this beautiful dress when we got home from the zoo. Red clothes always makes me feel really good and relaxed.

A few moments ago I put my babies to bed. My boyfriend is out with friends tonight so I will enjoy some delicious solitide. ❤❤❤

I hope you have a nice evening as well.


The most important thing you can do 🌹

Yin and Yang – little miss snow white ❤

I have been out in the sun with my babies all day – and at least 4-6 hours every day. My skin is as white as sparkling snow. My boyfriend’s skin gets really dark as soon as he even looks out the window on a sunny day. 🤣 We truly are like Yin and Yang.

A sunny day at the zoo

Today we went to a zoo in Borås. The weather was perfect, just the perfect temperature. My babies loved everything about the zoo, even the dandelions in the grass 🤣.

I hope you had a nice day as well.

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