If it feels off – give your attention to something that feels good


A really nice day ☉

Today was an awesome day. I had a lovely early morning with my babies and then a really good day at work. My students are so much fun to work with and it is absolutely magical to see them beginning to believe in themselves. It is such a rewarding job.

My co-workers were so nice, they surprised me with a slice of pizza while I was helping a student on my lunch break. So thoughtful. 🌸

But the best part of my day was coming home, changing clothes and spending the rest of the day with my babies.

  • What did you enjoy most about your day?

A cozy morning 😍😍😍

Today my baby girl woke up at 4am, crying and feeling really sad. I let her come into my bed instead and she fell asleep peacefully almost straight away. 😍😍😍

It was the best morning ever. So cozy. ❤

  • I hope you have a really nice day, remember to enjoy your day and have fun.

The work that will ultimately change the world, begins within ❤

My body, mind and soul desire you more and more each second

Let go of your negative attitude and begin to ENJOY life

Start having more fun in each moment! Your purpose in life is to enjoy your journey in ways that call you.

  • Let go of your complaints – choose a slightly more optimistic perspective.
  • Let go of your guilt and of your insecurites – choose to begin to love yourself unconditionally.
  • Let go of your anger and jealousy – choose to enjoy the moment and look for things you appreciate with everyone and everything that happens.

There are so many good-feeling, little daily things you can begin to do. Be kind and gentle with yourself as you start improving your attitude, begin with the easy things and have fun with it! 🌹

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