My entire body, mind and soul will love you and crave you forever ❤

At night when all is still, dark and quiet, you enter my mind with such strong vivid colors… When I am alone, I crave you even more…

All it took was a second – my entire body, mind and soul will forever love you and crave you…


Keep shining your beautiful light – in all the bright colors that please you ❤

A really hot day with lots of fun in the sun ☉

I realized that it is only 5 or 6 weeks left until my two months long summer holiday with my kids. Time goes by so quickly!

Today was a really hot day and we spent it out in the sun.

I enjoyed some delicious fresh home made juices today, the first one with kale and apple, the second one with carrots, apples and ginger. So refreshing.

Then of course it was time to change – it was way too hot this afternoon to wear my grey long sleeved dress anymore. This other dress that I chose is a dress I bought 10 years ago – still love it.

Then we spent the evening outside, and when we got back inside my baby boy fell asleep almost immediately as we relaxed on the couch.

  • What was your favourite part about your day?

Let your heart be crystal clear and pure

Your heart might be darkened with negativity and complaints – but even if it is from a life time of negativity the darkening is only temporary. The moment you stop the negativity, your heart begins to clear up. Let your heart be crystal clear and pure.

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