Awesome late night work out – the soreness is divine

I did some pilates this evening, and I absolutely love the delicious soreness in my legs right now! I love how good it feels to use, stretch and truly activate my muscles. Awesome feeling! And yes I adore the shape and firmness of my body. ❤


I am not anti-social, I just want MORE

Miss snow white and lots of play ❤

We went to Gränna again and my babies had a lot of fun there.

My boyfriend and my brother went out for ride on the motor cycles. When they got back my babies wanted to sit on one of the motor cycles as well. 😄

Then we went to Brooklyn Burger for some fries before we went home again.

Even though I have spent the last weeks out in the sun, playing with my babies, I still glow like miss snow white compared to everyone else, that is pretty beautiful and uniqe. ❤

Live your life in ways that please you ❤

You don’t need anyone else to love you in order for you to feel loved! No one else can give you the missing piece you are looking for – no one can give you the true feelings of bliss, happiness, love and satisfaction unless you first find it within yourself. ❤

A sunny Thursday morning with my babies

It was really warm and sunny this morning so I chose to wear a dress straight away today.

Then we went out for some time, we went to the park to play. We were the only family there for 30 minutes 🤣 – we were quite early – then more families started showing up.

After this we went home to eat lunch and now we are on our way to Gränna again. My boyfriend is going to for a ride on my brother’s motorcycle.

Enjoy your day. 😊

The problems can be solved, your life can and will improve – the magic solution

The place to begin is in your own mind. What to change is your thinking. Take gentle, baby-steps each day in the direction of liking yourself a little bit more.

What you have done, what health issues you might have or what ever the negative experience might be – there is only one thing at the top of your list of priorities, which affects everything, and that is how you feel. When you affect that, regardless the unwanted circumstances, now you have found the magic solution.

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