Such a cozy evening ❤

We enjoyed a cozy evening together. Of course there were lots of room for fun and play.

And we ate fries when my boyfriend came home.

After I had put my babies to bed I slipped into something really comfortable.

And we relaxed on the couch, yes one of the cats too. 🤣


When they say “you can’t do that”

A sunny Friday 🌞

I left work a bit earlier today, just to get a few minutes alone at home before I went to pick up my babies at the day care center. I had the cozy company of my cats. 😊

When we got home we decided to play outside for a while since the weather was really sunny and warm.

When my boyfriend comes home later tonight he will have bought some fries for us, from my favourite diner. Such a lovely treat.

  • I hope you have had a great day as well.

Love yourself unconditionally and choose to live from a place of joy ❤

An amazing day

Yesterday was absolutely wonderful. I had the best day ever at work and a delicious lunch date with my boyfriend

When it was almost time to go home, I got a pleasant surprise outside my office window:

My babies and my boyfriend came to pick me up. 😊

We had a lovely evening at home with lots of laughter, play and fun. I spend some time outside with my babies and then we relaxed together inside before it was time for bed.

The changes you are looking for in your life starts within

It is so freeing when you realize that it is not the other person or the event in and of itself that are causing you so much stress – it is your own thinking, your own perception, that limits you. And that is something you can change – right now – whether the event or the person changes or not.

When you realize the power to change is in your hands you will no longer give that power away and feel like a used victim anymore – you will embrace your freedom and empowerment, do the inner changes and outer changes you feel called to. That is true bliss.

Let them have their opinions – this is your life, your happiness and your choices.

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