No sleep when it is full moon?

It has rained a lot today but we still went out to the park and played for a while before lunch. The rest of the day we spent inside, except for two hours during the afternoon when I went out to meet a friend. We went to a cafe close by and had some sweet treats. ❀

My babies had an awesome time while I was gone:

And they were extremely happy to see me when I got back home.

It is 11pm here now and I just can’t sleep. I have too much energy within me, it is impossible to relax. The last few days have been like this, I have been unable to relax and fall asleep until 2-3 am. Could it be because of the lunar cycle? I have no idea.

I have always been like this. A few days every month I just can’t fall asleep. Sometimes I remain awake for 2 days straight, without any sleep. But I still have lots to energy during the days so I guess some people just don’t have to sleep that much. And, I love the dark, quiet me-time I am getting during the nights. So peaceful.

  • Do you have trouble falling asleep sometimes?

🌸 Dare to not fit into their idea of beauty – you are already beautiful πŸŒΈ

Yes, you are beautiful. Just the way you are. It is time for you to let go of the opinions of others around you, the opinions of society and the world. These opinions are their opinions and that is alright. How you feel about yourself, how you look at yourself and your thoughts, beliefs, desires and opinions about yourself – that is what matters!

It does not matter what you have been through, what your body and your face looks like – you can find a way to love yourself unconditionally, and you can begin now. That is the key to everything. ❀

🌟 Let the negative experiences and hurtful people give you your power back πŸŒŸ

A day filled with lots of fun πŸ˜„

We spent a few hours at a playland in JΓΆnkΓΆping again. My babies love this place! If they had their wish come true, we would be here at least once every week. πŸ˜„

I hope you have had a great day as well.

“What about the criminals and all the evil deeds?”

❀ My heart, my soul – my everything β€

I love my two babies more and more each second. ❀❀❀

❀ I want to run my fingers slowly through your hair β€

Your eyes are the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. When our eyes meet, the entire world falls silent. There is only you.

Your voice is the most pleasurefilled sound I have ever heard, when I hear your voice I feel satisfying ripples of pleasure running through my body.

Your hair is the most sexy hair I have ever seen, I want to run my fingers slowly through your hair, again and again…

Your arms and hands are my favourite part of you, every inch of my body aches for your touch…

My desire for you grows stronger and more intense with each passing moment – there is only you. ❀

A day filled with shopping and lots of playing

Today I went to JΓΆnkΓΆping alone to do some shopping. While I was gone my babies had a lot of fun:

And I had so much fun too – I bought a lot of clothes, shoes and toys.

But it was even better to come back home again.

It is almost 9 pm now and my babies are still up with me 😍.

I hope you have had a nice day as well.

🌸 It is ok – sooth yourself into feeling relief πŸŒΈ

Find your own way to sooth yourself today. Nothing matters more than how you feel, and when you feel less than good there truly is only one thing for you to do: sooth yourself into feeling relief.

What are your favourite ways to sooth yourself when you feel sad? I love to try on beautiful clothes, eat delicious food, listen to music I love and take a warm relaxing shower.

The happiness of children

It is so magical to see the happiness and zest for life that my babies have. They are so happy and playful all the time.

We ate a delicious pizza tonight and after that my babies wanted to call a friend via messenger’s video call. 😍


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