You are enough ❤

“You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody.”

~Maya Angelou


What brought her back from the brink of death:

A relaxing early morning ❤

I slept really well last night. We had a nice breakfast at the hotel and relaxed a little before our seminars began.

This will be a nice, relaxing day with interesting seminars about language difficulties. But the best part about this day will be coming home to my babies again. ❤❤

Rise from the ashes and embrace your magnificent potential like a phoenix

Let today be the day you stop talking about your unwanted experiences, your sorrows and your struggle. Let all those things be what they truly are: experiences that can inspire you to love yourself and your life unconditionally. Theses experiences can inspire you to become even more kind, loving, happy, confident, free and empowered.

The choice is yours, stay stuck in feeling sorry for yourself while you complain about the situation and feel like a victim – or rise from the ashes, and embrace your magnificent potential like a phoenix?

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