When you look at me, my entire body craves your touch

I want to taste your deepest desires… I want to satisfy your endless hunger…

I love you more with each passing second, I crave you more with each breath I take…

There is only you in my heart, there is only you in my mind… You are the only one I desire


There would be no hospitals and no prisons if we knew this ❤

Playing with water and snow ☃

We are having a really fun day together. Playing with water inside (yes the plummer fixed everything)

And playing in the snow outside.

Our house is covered in snow – will there ever be spring? 😊

A really cold shower this morning 🤣❤

I had to take a shower in ice cold water this morning – truly refreshing 🤣😨❤.

And now we don’t have any more water for at least two hours before a plummer gets here. Something happened with one of our pipes in our garage last night.

We woke up at 2am to a really strange sound. It sounded like someone was taking a very loud shower. We checked everywhere and finally when we went to look in the garage we saw that a pipe was broken and water rushed out all over the floor and all over the stairs. It was impossible to make it stop so we turned off the main switch instead. We briefly turned it on again this morning so we could gather some cold water.

We are so lucky because it only happened in the garage and nothing was damaged, and the floor is made of concrete and to top it all off – we have a neighbour who is a plumber. 😄

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