My entire body trembles with pleasure when you look at me ❤

When I look into your eyes I see all the pleasurefilled things you want to do to me…

When I see your lips, I feel the warmth of your lips kissing every inch of my skin…

When I see your hands, I feel your strong hands all over my body…

Just one look at you and my entire body trembles with pleasure…


Embrace life with all its joys, sorrows and challenges ❤

You are a beautiful, worthy, loved and perfect being – exactly as you are, right now. No exceptions.

Embrace the unconditional love and perfection that you are, revel in every second you are present here in this lifetime.

Life can be the adventure you desire it to be – with all its pleasure, joy, sadness, love and challenges.

You are not limited by your past, present or future – you are eternal and ever changing into more. Allow yourself to enjoy the ride. ❤

It is so much more than love 💖

A day at work filled with delicious treats 💖

This day has been so much fun! A wonderful co-worker had her birthday today so we surprised her with a delicious lunch.

I will not give up 🌹

Somedays I just want to stay at home, in bed, in the darkness, alone. But, I will not give up. I can do this – I am heading for work anyway. ❤

I wish you a nice day ❤

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