Darkness is my safe haven

Protected by darkness… soothed by the shadows… embraced by the night… this is my safe haven.


New week – new workout routine ❤

This morning I started a new workout routine. I change it up every 4 weeks. As usual I do the exercises at home, in the early mornings on my carpet while my babies are having their breakfast.

I love working out in the mornings – those are the moments when I have the most energy and focus. I truly love Belinda Benn, my coach Haida and their awesome workouts. I only spend around 25 minutes, 5 mornings a week on my workouts and that suits me perfectly. Being a working mother of two little babies – I would not want to spend more time than that on working out. ❤🍑🌹❤

  • Do you work out?
  • How do you make time for it in your day?
  • Do you have someone who inspires you – a rolemodel perhaps?

I am so passionately attracted to you ❤

When I met you it felt like I had known you all my life… I had never been so keenly interested in anyone else before, I wanted to know everything about you…

Everything about you pulls me closer to you… I just can’t stay away, you are everywhere I turn and in my every thought…

I am so passionately attracted to all that you are – not just your beautiful eyes, your strong arms or your lovely voice but all of you.

You are not dependent on anyone else’s attention in order to feel worthy ❤

It is nice to have someone to love – but you don’t need another person to feel whole, complete, loved or to live a fullfilling life. Remind yourself of that often. Focus inward, on how you feel – unconditionally. Disregard them for a moment and focus on how you feel about yourself. Work on loving yourself, regardless who else loves you or doesn’t love you. Work on feeling good about being you, feeling free and empowered – regardless who approves or disapproves of you.

You are not dependent on anyone else’s attention in order to feel worthy – give yourself the approval, attention, appreciation and love you desire and as a bonus you will see all your relationships improve as well.

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