I fell for you the second our eyes met ❤

The moment when I first saw you, that is the moment I will cherish for all eternity…

All it took was a second… your eyes where the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen and your smile completely took my breath away…

I love everything about you and nothing I have ever experienced before can even come close to the happiness I feel when I think of you…


Such a cozy birthday party 💖

We started the day with some shopping and preparations for the birthday party. I wore a comfy dress.

Then we had an awesome birthday party. 💖

They have played a lot with the new toys, especially the excavator ❤

And opening all the presents he got from his friends was so much fun.

He did a really good job of blowing out the candle on the cake – all by himself. 😍

Now that all the guests are gone we are relaxing together and just enjoying some cozy moments together before bedtime. Best birthday ever. ❤

I hope you have had a great day as well. 🌹

The love I have in my heart is for you ❤

The love I feel for you goes beyond anything I have ever felt before in my entire life… Just a text from you satisfies me more than the most beautiful gift I could ever recieve… To see you smile at me gives me more pleasure than anything anyone else could ever do to me. ❤ There is only love in my heart, and that love is for you. ❤

The joy in his eyes when he saw his birthday gift 💖

My baby boy was so happy when he saw his birthday gift 😍🚜

It was so much fun just to see how happy he was 💖💖💖. Now we are having breakfast and then he will continue playing with his new presents while I continue to prepare for the birthday party later this afternoon. 💖💖💖

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