The warmth of your body ❤

My heart beats harder when you are in my thoughts…my body trembles with anticipation when I get a text from you… your words caress my skin and leaves me longing for more…

I need to see your hungry eyes exploring my body… I need to feel your strong, warm hands caressing every inch of me… I want to taste your lips… I want to feel the warmth of your body pressing on to my body…


Birthday party preparations 🎁🎉

My two babies are sleeping peacefully now.

We are making some preparations for my baby boy’s birthday party tomorrow.

He will be 2 years old on Monday. ❤❤❤ I love my baby boy and my baby girl more and more each second.

When my whole world is shattering around me

Where do I find my relief when it feels like my whole world has shattered around me? In the comforting darkess of the night… in the soothing cool rain… in the quiet stillness of the night… that is where I find my relief, my air, my soothing. That is where I find my balance again.

Your life is a reflection of your inner state – and you can change that ❤

Lots of fun and taccos today 💖

We have had a fun day at home – my brother and his five children came to visit and we had lunch together. Taccos of course 😊

I chose my favourite red top today – it always feels good to wear it and it always makes me feel a little better.

Now we will relax an hour before we go to a friend’s house. Their child had his birthday celebration last weekend but since we couldn’t go because my boyfriend was in the hospital then, we decided to have a play date today instead.

And tomorrow we will have more birthday celebration since my baby boy turns two years old on Monday 💖.

I hope you have had a great start to your weekend as well. 🌹

More pleasure than anyone else could even come close to giving ❤

Without a word, you say more beautiful things than anyone else in the world…

Without a touch, you give me more pleasure than anyone else could even come close to giving…

Without a smile you fill me with more joy and lust than anyone could ever do…

You give me nothing, yet you give me everything I have ever dreamed of

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