A fun day filled with successful moments πŸ’–

The best part about this day was this morning when I was going to leave my kids at the day care center. Both of my babies where really happy and hugged me good bye while smiling and waving. Such an empowered feeling I got from seeing them so at peace with being there and saying good bye. I was so filled with love and joy as I drove to work.

I had a wonderful day at work, it felt really nice to see all my students and co-workers again.

After work I picked up my babies and we went home together. My boyfriend had been home resting the entire day and was really happy to see us.

We have had a cozy evening together with lots of fun, story telling, laughter and delicious food.

And after I put my babies to bed I spent a few minutes trying on clothes for tomorrow. πŸ’–

Now I am just relaxing on the bed with one of my cats.

Enjoy your evening πŸ’–


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