You are not ugly! ❤

When you look in the mirror and you hate what you see – remember that you are not ugly!!! You are just not allowing yourself to see how beautiful you truly are. You can’t see beauty with critical eyes. Don’t be hard on yourself, just back away from all the mirrors for a while and go more general in your mind as you think about yourself

You can’t jump all the way from insecurity and self-hatred to confidence and self-love. However, you can be a little bit easier on yourself right now. You can sooth yourself a little by going more general in your view of yourself. You can pamper yourself with something you enjoy and focus on something else for a while. You can begin to look for things you enjoy and like in other people.

When you have spent some time practicing this appreciative way of looking at others, you will begin to see things you like about yourself too. 


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