My everything ❤❤

My two babies are my everything ❤❤


Oh my god ❤

The touch of your hands take my breath away… when I look into your eyes, everything else around us disappears… 

Hearing your voice feels like my entire body is dipped into sweet, warm, delicious honey…

There is only you in my mind – no matter who I am with, or what I am doing. You occupy my every dream, my every desire and you fill my mind with your beatiful presence every second I am awake. ❤

Your joy and passion is what will make your desire come true

Sex, love and passion

Act as young as you feel 

When they criticise you ❤ 

It does not matter who you are or what you do – there will always be those who choose to find fault with you, people who criticise. Let them.  Their hurtful words are about their own inner resistance, if you push back then you have introduced resistance within you as well.

‘But shouldn’t I let them know how wrong they are in their lackful perspective?’ Well, of course you can allow it to bring you down for a moment, then it will feel like relief to criticise them back – but you don’t have to! Just in your statement above “…their lackful perspective” you have pushed back with some criticism. 

Take a step back and acknowledge to yourself that EVERYONE is doing the best they can with the understanding, awareness, knowledge, beliefs and desires they hold in the moment. EVERYONE innately wants to feel good and to feel love. Anything less than that – like when they point out faults or hurt you in some way – comes from a place of resistance within themselves. 

There is a lot of things you can choose to focus on in another person – you can choose to focus on things that feel off to you or on things that feel good. The perspective YOU CHOOSE says more about YOU than them. Choose love, choose appreciation, choose inner peace. If it feels too hard right now, let their words or action hurt your feelings for a moment while you back away, distract yourself with other things and then from a more general perspective, choose reliefgiving thoughts about the situation. ❤ 

When you get lost in your own despair

​Even if you get lost in your own despair – there is still hope. Sooth yourself and empty your mind. Choose to start over and begin fresh and new as you wake up tomorrow.

Your empowerment and freedom begins with choosing to let go of other people’s opinions and choosing to let go of their expectations. Stop looking at them for approval and start listening within for your guidance. 

Let joy and love fill your heart and mind – what ever you are inspired to from such a good-feeling state will always benefot you.

I long for your words to caress my body

I long for your words to caress my body. I long for your eyes to undress me. I long for your voice to make every inch of my body tremble with pleasure.

The love that radiates from within

Choose to see the good in others, especially when they try to show you the opposite.

Behavior and words are only outer manifestations of their inner emotional balance. Choose to see past those external things and focus on the love that radiates from within.

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