Not getting the approval you crave – sucks!

You don’t need anyone else to approve of you or even compliment you – you need to practice loving yourself more

It is NICE when people like you, but it is even better when you feel good about yourself whether they like you or not! THAT is freedom. 

Needing their approval sucks, not getting their approval sucks even more, getting lots of criticism from them hurts – but only when you are not stable within.

If you work on finding your own stability, finding your own love and approval – you will not be so easily affected by their approval or disapproval.

So, take a deep breath, brush yourself off and start again. 


Dare to be who you desire to be

Good food – bad food

There is no right or wrong way of eating. Only you can decide what works best for you. Your desires and beliefs regarding food affects the choices you make and what type of food you are called to. Your beliefs, desires and expectations affect the results you get.

There are people who are eating what ever they desire, who have the body, shape and figure they desire as well. 

There are people who are limiting their intake of food or are choosing to eat only vegan or only low carb… who are overweight. 

What food you eat is not the important factor in the results – what you believe, desire and expect is what matters most!

The most important thing in life

When you drift off into your own darkness

It is ok to drift off into your own darkness from time to time. Remember to allow yourself to feel as you feel – don’t judge yourself or criticise yourself because you don’t feel good right nowchoose to back away from all the specifics of what is going on and just gently sooth and distract yourself into some relief.

It is ok to feel bad. It doesn’t make you a bad person! You are human – all emotions are valuable and they are all a big part of your experience. 

This too shall pass. Think of your emotions as the air you breathe. Sometimes you breathe in air that does not feel so good – just take a new breath of cool, clear fresh air (=relief) and you will begin to feel better again.  

True unconditional love

Those who don’t love you when you are going through your most ugliest times, they don’t truly love you when you are at your most beautiful and successful times. 

Focus on the unconditional love YOU radiate to others and let THAT LOVE be reflected back at you. ❀

The pain you feel enhances your awareness of how you desire it to be

Even things that bring you down are of value! The pain you feel enhances your awareness of how you desire it to be. Use the contrast as an opportunity to focus more on how you want to feel about that topic and how you want it to turn out for you.

If you want positive changes in your lifeΒ 

Listen to what you tell yourself in your mind today – when you say something negative about yourself or about someone else, choose to replace that thought with something positive instead.

What you think = what you tell yourself in your mind, is very important. Your thoughts become belief and your beliefs will be reflected in everything you say and do. 

A small change in your inner dialogue is enough to see changes in your life.

Choose affirmations that strenghten the desired version of you

Decide to feel good. Choose affirmations that strenghten the desired version of you. “I am kind and loving”, “I see the best in everyone”, “People are kind and loving toward me”, “I am light-hearted”, “I smile with joy”, “I am confident and beautiful”, “I see solutions everywhere”, “Things always go well for me”

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