When unwanted experiences are so in your face – you still have a choice that will set you free

What ever it is you are facing in your life right now, you can choose the attitude with which you face it. The situation is what it is, but the attitude is what will make the difference!

You don’t have to see evidence of things clearing up before you feel betterchoose to feel better because that is something you can change right now. When you have reached a better feeling emotional place you will be more open to the improvements you desire. 

Nothing is worth feeling even the slightest bit grumpy about! Be more playful about everything that happens and always remind yourself that YOU CAN TAKE THE EMOTIONAL JOURNEY no matter what you are going through – and when you shift how you feel, what happens to you will shift as well. There are always different ways of looking at everything – and how you CHOOSE to view it is up to you. 


About joypassiondesire

When you have been through a lot of darkness you appreciate the light in everyone and everything. I am passionate about showing others that no matter what you have been through, you CAN improve your life and feel good again!
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