Don’t fit in? Awesome! ☆

Never apologize for being different! Let them call you crazy! Be true to who you really want to be, do the things that excite you and follow your own inner guidance.

Your life is for YOU – you are the main character! You get to choose how you want to play your part. Let other people be a source of beneficial contrast and inspiration while you tune in to who you desire to be. Always a beautiful work in progress, ever changing into more. ♡


Just a little shift in your focus will improve your entire life!

When you shift your focus even a little bit in the direction of what feels better to you, you have improved your future experiences. Your future is not predetermined or all set in stone – your future will become a match to how you predominantly feel.

So, if you work on improving how you feel by gently reaching for relief, being kind to yourself and trying to lean more positive regarding all topics, you will automatically improve your life in all aspects imaginable! 

All it takes is a decision that you want to feel better emotionally and that you gently try to shift your focus in a more positive way. No big changes, only small gentle shifts that you can begin doing right now. A little shift goes a long way! 

What ever you have to do – enjoy it with a playful attitude!

There are many things you are involved with during your day, and your attitude will make such a beautiful difference in how your day will feel to you and what results you will get.

Nothing serious is going on here, we are all here for the fun experience of playing in this game called life. You get to choose how much fun you allow yourself to have. The more you relax and enjoy your now moment, the better your future experiences will be as well

When you want to hide away from the world

It is ok to feel awful! It is ok to feel rage! Just say “fuck it” to life and allow yourself to cool down for a while
There are many things you can do that will be beneficial for you right now, the most important thing is to not beat up on yourself for feeling bad – allow yourself to feel as you do. Then distract yourself from the specifics that are causing you so much inner discord. Difuse, distract and go general about that topic. 

When you have cooled down – and you will – then you can reach for a more reliefgiving perspective on the topic. 

Their beauty does not make you feel insecure!

Don’t be discouraged when you see the beauty of another person! It is not their beauty that makes you uncomfortable, it is your own lackful thinking about yourself that makes you feel this way. Their beauty just high lightened your own insecurity, and that is a good thing! 

When you deal with your own insecurity by finding your way back into security and empowerment, other people’s beauty will feel as good to you as watching a beautiful flower or a beautiful sunset does. Their beauty doesn’t affect how you feel about yourself – how you feel about yourself affects how you feel about their beauty!

An easy way to get the improvements you desire – start ENJOYING what you do!

Enjoy this moment. The more you allow yourself to take pleasure from what ever it is you are doing, the more you allow your body to thrive. 

There is nothing more valuable than a moment spent feeling good – how you feel matters more than anything! 

When unwanted experiences are so in your face – you still have a choice that will set you free

What ever it is you are facing in your life right now, you can choose the attitude with which you face it. The situation is what it is, but the attitude is what will make the difference!

You don’t have to see evidence of things clearing up before you feel betterchoose to feel better because that is something you can change right now. When you have reached a better feeling emotional place you will be more open to the improvements you desire. 

Nothing is worth feeling even the slightest bit grumpy about! Be more playful about everything that happens and always remind yourself that YOU CAN TAKE THE EMOTIONAL JOURNEY no matter what you are going through – and when you shift how you feel, what happens to you will shift as well. There are always different ways of looking at everything – and how you CHOOSE to view it is up to you. 

Pure love and adoration for all that you are ♡

See yourself as a small baby would – with your heart filled with sparkling love, adoration, appreciation and joy. 

You are a magnificent being, perfect in every way and always changing into more perfection. You are beautiful in your own unique ways and you are completely worthy of your own love and affection. 

When love and joy filles your heart and mind, your body and everything about you reflects that beauty within.

What colors will you use today? 

Each new day is like an empty canvas and your words are the colors you paint with. Choose your words with love, joy and appreciation and your day will be filled with things that enhance those good feelings.

Even if you choose to paint your day in the darkest of colors, your canvas will always be fresh and new tomorrow again. 

Can chocolate, video games and sex improve your life?

Anything that you choose to do that you allow yourself to ENJOY fully has the potential of strenghtening how you feel about yourself and how you view your life.
It doesn’t matter what things that call you, the only thing that matters is how these things feel to you. If these are things you love to do, that bring you relief, that makes you happy – then allow yourself to benefit by these things by allowing yourself to ENJOY these things.

The reason why the same things can be someone’s “addiction” in a negative sence is because most people do not change how they think and feel ABOUT THEMSELF at the same time as they allow these things to bring them relief

If you rely on these substances and things to feel good – now you have a negative, disempowering addiction. 

If you let these bring you TEMPORARY relief while at the same time you work on improving how YOU FEEL ABOUT YOURSELF – now you will benefit by what you choose to do and you are on your way toward empowering YOURSELF.

Everything in your life is affected by HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT YOURSELF. This is somethink you can’t fake with makeup, or improve with a new diet, or mask with alcohol or hide with fake smiles and positive words. How you truly feel about yourself will shine through all of that and you and your body will always return to that because how you feel comes from within – and it affects EVERYTHING in your life. And this is the beautiful part because YOU can change how you feel about yourself and when you do, EVERYTHING about you – your body, your health, your confidence, your relationships – EVERYTHING in your life will reflect those changes. It truly is mind over matter. When you change the mind the matter will change automatically.

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