It is OK to feel bad sometimes!


Contrast is always of value

I experienced a lot of contrast at work today, it left me feeling really sad for the rest of the evening. But now I am starting to view thingst in a slightly more general way.

What I want more than anything is for all children to feel good, to feel confident, to feel happy, to feel free, to feel empowered and to ENJOY life! I wish with all my heart that everyone – no matter who they are, what they have done, what they have been through or how they currently feel – can find their way back to feeling good again. ♡

You can become more beautiful with each passing day!

Happiness. That is the key. The more happy you are the more beautiful you become. 

Your age and your current appearance is irrelevant – once you start CARING about yourself and find your own way to LOVING YOURSELF UNCONDITIONALLY, you will have found true unconditional happiness and that joy will be reflected in every cell of your being. 

Beauty is a state of being – happiness – and the physical traits you see is a reflection that

You don’t have to love all the rascals in your life – let them go

“Sometimes Esther will say “that person is really really hard. Its just hard. Its just hard. That person rings my bells, yanks my chain. That person is hard.” And every now and again she says: “TOO Hard”! “TOO Hard, not worth it! Too hard, NOT worth it!” 
And you have to decide, when the path of least resistance says “too hard, NOT worth it”. And when the path of least resistance says “too hard, BUT worth it!!”

Abraham Hicks, April 2015

It really is time to start CARING about how YOU feel ♡

​”So many of you are so busy and are not sleeping enough and are not doing that many nice things for yourself and are in a sort of attitude of service and so you, just by the nature of your action-oriented world, you get yourself depleated and then it’s hard to find a thought that feels better. 

But we would like you to be just a little nicer to yourselves – look for a little more rest, look for something that feels good to you, even if it’s only 5 minutes that you can stop and sip something that is pleasing to you. Take the time to do it and breathe with a sort of thankfulness while you’re doing it.”

Abraham Hicks, 2/10 2016