Beautiful new dresses for me ♡

Today I ordered these three beautiful dresses:

I also ordered this incredible book from Delavier who has written so many wonderful books about how to sculpt and tone our bodies by really activating the targeted muscles as we workout:


How you FEEL need not depend on what is going on around you!

(…) We´r not ever going to say to you, that you could stand in an uncomfortable place and feel good about where you are standing.

But what we ARE saying to you, is:
You have the ability to focus yourself in a way, that you can get in the vortex no matter what. And when you get in the vortex, it doesn´t matter where you are!

They spent 3, almost 4 of the best days of their life-experience EVER in a trailer-park, with no view, with some oil-vale or something, making awful smells, in a state of SUBLIME CONNECTION.

Because they focussed themselves into connection.”

Abraham Hicks 

Be kind to everyone you interact with today ♡

See the best in everyone you look at and let your smile reflect the appreciation you feel. 

You are one who likes, you are one who enjoys, you are one who feels good , you are one who shines with love, passion, appreciation and positive good-feeling energy!