Improving your life is an INSIDE job! You can’t pay someone to improve your point of attraction! 


You don’t need their approval in order to feel good – just enjoy feeling good! 

It doesn’t matter what environment you spend your day in – you can choose to be happy and in love with your life
It doesn’t matter if everyone around you is grumpy – you can choose to smile and sparkle with your joy and passion for life!

Let them call you crazy for feeling good in the midst of contrast! Let them wonder why you are always so happy and positive! Keep enjoying practicing feeling good unconditionally! You don’t need anyone else’s approval to feel good – just enjoy feeling good!

Remind yourself of what REALLY matters 

Life is supposed to be ENJOYED! You are supposed to have fun and feel good. How you feel matters more than anything, and how you feel AFFECTS everything in your life. Your mood, your attitude and your way of thinking is more important than you might have been aware of. 

Things will happen to you in your life – but you can CHOOSE to find value in everything! You can CHOOSE to let everything that happens to you INSPIRE you to focus in the direction of what you now know you desire. You can blossom into the most confident, joyful, loving, positive, beautiful and passionate person you have ever dreamed of – no matter what you have been through or how your life is right now. 

There are no limitations for you other than the ones YOU set by your way of thinking. And you CAN CHANGE THAT! 

Nothing matters more than how you feel and you can choose to begin improving your life right now by deliberately choose slightly better feeling thoughts regarding all topics

When you say: “oh yes! I want that!” It is already coming to you!

“What we are wanting to do is, talk you into accepting that once you say “Wooooh!! I WANT THAT!!!!” -it´s so close to a done deal, that you can start celebrating with the SAME JOY that you feel, when that exhilarating idea comes!”
Abraham Hicks, 22/5 2016

Min läslust är tillbaka! Tack Klas Hallberg 

​Det var över 2 1/2 år sedan jag läste en bok på min fritid. Nu har jag äntligen fått tillbaka min läslust efter att ha lyssnat på den fantastiskt inspirerande Klas Hallberg. Nu har jag tre härligt inspirerande böcker att njuta av: