Is a diet of only fruit the key to healing?



A magnificent way to understand how you flow your energy and how you attract

“Most of you have a very difficult time understanding the power of the way you flow energy, so we’re gonna give you a sort of rough, sketchy, but very valid picture of how this works. Have you ever played with an electrical train set, where there were lots of components to it? And as you pushed your switches, it sent an electrical current through the tracks, which allowed the train to run. And that as you flipped your switches, the current would go from track to track, so that the train would follow the direction of your guidance.

This is similar, it’s rough and sketchy, but as you flow your energy toward something, you literally send energy to the tracks upon which circumstances and events will run, in order to help you achieve your outcome.

The other night when Esther’s luggage had not arrived, and she is lying in her bed stewing, for a little while she was offering blame to the airline. They’d only allowed a 45-minute connection in Newark, to transfer from one airline to another airline, and the airlines were not even in the same terminal buildings. So Jerry and Esther barely made it, running from one plane to the other, and their baggage did not make it. And when Air Canada did not have their baggage, and they looked at her ticket, they said “Well there was not enough time for this baggage to be transferred, we need at least an hour and fifteen minutes to do that.” So now Esther is feeling blame toward the booking agent for not knowing that. So she is blaming the airline, she is blaming the booking agent, she is blaming the people for not being efficient. But what is really happening is, in all Esther’s blaming, she’s got her circuits turned to a place where nothing is aligned. So, if you were watching an aerial view, you would see one truck arrive with Jerry and Esther’s baggage, just as the truck that needed it was leaving. You would see one man coming to look for the baggage tags, and leaving, walking right out the door just as the luggage came back into the room. In other words, a series of near misses happening, because Esther was flowing her energy in a way that was not aligning circumstances and events. In the MOMENT that Esther started feeling appreciation for all of those people, that were out there in the middle of the night, working to find… It was like all of the energy went back into sequence, and instead of near misses, now things were starting to fall into place. A person received a call, who had just seen the bags, and he was able to call and stop the… You see what we’re getting at?

The entire Universe is responding to you, based upon the way you are spewing your energy! And NOTHING is affecting YOUR experience OTHER THAN the way you are spewing your energy! It is NOT someone else, it is NOT outside circumstances, it is NOTHING but the way YOU are spewing your energy! So when you accept that, rather than blaming your son for whatever he’s doing or not doing, rather than blaming society for causing him to be that way, rather than blaming yourself or someone else… As you start appreciating, and in that mode of appreciation identifying more of what you are wanting, you stop having all of these near misses, and you start aligning things, and you start having better connection, and things start changing. And usually, right from the moment that you make the decision and begin it, you can FEEL when energy shifts inside of you! You can feel it!

Abraham Hicks 24/7 1993

You attract with your attention so ‘no’ always means ‘yes’

Anytime you give your attention to something, even though you’re shouting no, you are setting up an electrical magnetic field, between you the flow-er, and the object of your attention. And you are adding power unto it, and you are attracting it unto you. And more importantly, you are disallowing the other.”

Abraham Hicks, 31/8 1993

When you feel bad about what you have done


It does not matter what you have done – source loves you unconditionally, always.

If you feel guilty about what you have done remember that it does not make it better to beat yourself up about it. Sooth yourself into feeling relief – “I did what I did because of the negative thought patterns within me. But I can choose to gently improve my thinking and when I do I will be inspired to acting in ways that feel good too. It all begins with my thinking and I can choose what to focus on. I am not a bad person, I have just allowed myself to be tortured by negative lackful thoughts which resulted in negative lackful behavior. But no need to worry – my thoughts are temporary and so was my behavior. I want to change, I want to improve my thinking. I want to feel good, I want to be a happy loving joyful positive kind person who enjoys the fun in life.”

Just a gentle soothing conversation like that can bring you ease and as you feel even the slightest little relief your negative attraction has stopped and your allowing has begun. You can do it! ♡