There is great power in being kind and loving!


The more warm, loving and kind you are to others and yourself the better your life will become!


“What if I am really far away from what I desire!?”

It doesn’t matter how far you are from what you desire, if you WANT to feel good and begin to improve your thinking your entire life will begin to improve as well!

All your desires are possible – certain – just because you CAN be do and have everything you desire! The key is shifting how you FEEL and how you THINK. You always get a perfect match to what you think and feel.

And don’t beat up on yourself for being far away from what you desire! You might as well begin somewhere so you might as well begin here and now!

If your child has an attention disorder:

(…)Well, now think about why the school/teacher/system/society would want to medicate him. It’s easier to get him to conform. In other words, he will be less interested in what he’s interested in.

(…)So is your question, “How can my child be most joyful? How can my child be most the child he came forth to be?” Or is your question, “How can I teach my child to conform to what somebody thinks he should be?” What’s the question? Because it would evoke a very different answer….

You are born with such desire and knowledge of freedom and empowerment that when, someone tries to deprive you from it, you sort of go berserk and that’s really what’s happening here. In other words, there’s sort of an inner rebellion that says, “Nobody’s going to keep me from the freedom that I want.” And so, what we would do, we would begin honoring that freedom. We would begin wanting him to feel more free. We would be wanting him to make more choices and we would begin to let him feel the results of the choices that he is making...

(…)They offer a drug. The drug initially doesn’t help so they offer more drugs. The drug still doesn’t help so they offer more drugs until the child is disoriented from all of his own intentions and then the system says, “Well, now we think we’ve found success because now at least he’s not resisting.” You drug them out of being able to focus their own desires, you see. And we would not want to drug them out of focusing.

Now, sometimes what happens is the drug does soothe the angst that they are feeling between where they are and where they want to be. In other words, if you are looking at your child accurately, you must acknowledge that this child is like every other person in that he has desires that are very pointed and an awareness of where he is. In other words, that’s very clear within him. It is very clear within everyone. There is where you’re wanting to be and there is where you are and it is logical that his frustration might be greater than almost anybody that you would see, because his standards for freedom are greater than almost anyone that you will meet. But drugging it is not going to bring him into alignment. What’s going to bring him into alignment is him consciously acknowledging that there are ways that he could feel better.

(…)We want you not to try to bridge him all at once. We want you to just moment-by-moment, experience-by-experience with him to stop in the middle of it and ask yourself, “Is the thought I’m thinking or the words I’m about to speak or the action that I’m about to take going to move me to a place that’s better or to a place that feels worse?”

In other words, “Does it feel better to me to think about him as being gifted or to think about him as being troublesome? Does it feel better to me to think about him as improving and doing fine in time or not getting it and being a struggling person all of his life? Does it feel better to me to anticipate the struggle I’m going to have in the morning over breakfast and getting dressed or to anticipate it maybe being a little easier? Does it feel better to me to be mad at him or to adore him?”

You have to say for a little while, “He’s not like others and it’s going to be all right. And we’re moving through this and just give us a little bit of time. And things are improving and things are improving at home and I know that things will improve in school.” You’re going to be the one that’s going to be able to so get this and so be able to soothe yourself that then you’ll be able to soothe your mate. You’ll be able to soothe his teachers. You’ll be able to soothe your child. You’ll be the soother, because you’ll discover that how you feel is based upon nothing more than where you are in relationship to where you want to be.

You haven’t done anything wrong. You’re not failing in this. Your child isn’t broken because he’s not wanting to be a conformist. The people that are the top of their game — the people that are the masters in every single field — in every case were the rebels that didn’t conform. Because conformity leads to mediocrity and mediocrity isn’t what this one is born about, you see. Mediocrity is easier to observe by others but it is miserable to live in. It’s not who you are. It’s not who any of you are and it certainly is not who this child is, you see. Helpful?”

Abraham  Hicks, 13/10/03

A beautiful soothing reminder:

“(…)Number 1, I’m not responsible for the way you feel, and Number 2 I really really want you to feel Good, but I am not responsible for the way you feel

Abraham Hicks