“I want to love her but she is really hard to love!”

If you have someone in your life that you really want to love – like your partner, your co-worker, your mother, your child or who ever it may be – but you find that person really hard to love due to his/her behavior, what do you do?

It is perfectly normal and alright to get upset or angry when you look at something that is far from how you desire it to be – but that is also a very limiting and powerless way to live your life!

You DO have the ability to be more SELECTIVE in your attention, you DO have the option to HIGHLIGHT the good-feeling aspects with this person,  you DO have the choice to let this contrast inspire you to think about how you want it to be and how you want to feel.

It is easy to love someone who just behaves in pleasing ways all the time – but true power lies in not needing others (even if we are talking about your partner, your mother, your child or someone else you value a lot) to behave in certain ways in order for you to feel good!  In fact, this person who you find really hard to love has given you the most beautiful wonderful empowering gift you could ever get! The gift of finding your own emotional balance, your own alignment, REGARDLESS how this rascal chooses to behave!  THAT is a true skill to master! And none of your lovable friends could ever teach you that to such a magnificent degree that this one does.

So, bless this person for being in your life and inspiring YOU to find your own empowerment. It is not your job to make this person happy, it is not your job to make him/her change his/her behavior – that is always an inside job – it is YOUR JOB to find YOUR OWN ALIGNMENT. And when you do and you practice that again and again when you think of this person, you will attract the best-feeling aspects from this person and the undesirable aspects will fade away from your experience.

You do have the potential of attracting the best or the worst from everyone you meet and what you attract lets you know a lot about YOUR point of attraction – YOUR focus. And you can do something about that!


When you begin to feel negative emotions – just give up!

“(…)WE would surrender early on! The first time ANY resistance comes in the way, we would say: I GIVE UP! At the first little sign of it!!

WE wouldn´t be strong, and brave, we wouldn´t dig in. We wouldn´t persevere, we would never sacrifice! We would just GIVE UP.

Give up, give up, give up, give up, give up. Give up as SOON the resistance comes! As soon as the thought comes, that feels UNCOMFORTABLE,
say: ‘I give up.’ ”

Abraham Hicks, July 2015

My baby boy is now 3 weeks old ♡

I feel so in love with my life! I love my 18 months old baby girl and my 3 weeks old baby boy. And I adore that my beautiful slender waist and flat stomach is back again – there are so many beautiful clothes I can wear. ♡♡♡







A magnificent quote – how to feel better

Make no effort of trying to slow unwanted momentum – because it just speeds it. Because, this is a universe of inclusion, there is no exclusion – it´s all about attraction.

(…) and when it doesn´t feel good, just lay as low as you can lay, as fast as you can do it.

So rather than to stop negative momentum, your work – this is your assignment, for the rest of your life,
we never give homework, but today we´re going to:


That´s your work. Get on the disc, stay there as long as you can, as you fall off- no big deal. Get on as quickly as you can – as you fall off, no big deal. Get back on.”

Abraham Hicks