My delicious craving


I have now enjoyed over 150 jars (15-20 kilos) of powdered vanilla flavoured sugar since August – and it is still the most delicious thing to eat!

It is such a sweet and fun craving. ♡ It has totally replaced my craving for Nutella. I have not felt any desire at all for Nutella since the beginning of November.

I wonder what will come next. Last time I was pregnant all my previous food desires changed completely after giving birth – I had enjoyed several kilos of milk chocolate every week for almost two decades but after giving birth milk chocolate stopped tasting good. Such a fun experience!  I wonder how my food preferences will shift this time. Only 32 days left until the expected due date. ♡


You can CHOOSE how you want it to be for YOU!

“(…)Just because almost everybody else thinks it doesn’t make it the right thought. And just because they’re proving their non-right thought with evidence doesn’t mean it either, because you get what you think about. Doesn’t that just seem like the most logical thing in the world? 

So, we know, you sort of have a dilemma, most of you, because we’re standing here asking you to think thoughts different than your reality is pointing to. And the reason that we do, and the reason that we are doing it with such volume, is because we understand that you as an individual or as a society or as a civilization or as a mass consciousness cannot affect change if you keep thinking the same thoughts. You didn’t come to face reality, you came to create reality.

And most of you, when you get here, you come to create, and then, right away, you start facing it. “I’ve come to create reality. Oh, look at that! Oh, look at that! Oh, look at that! Oh, look at that! Oh, look at that! Oh, that’s not good. Oh, look at that! Oh, that’s not good.” We say, don’t look there, don’t look there. But you want to look there because there’s something nice about the tangible, there’s something nice about the see-it-hear-it-smell-it taste-it-touch-it.

You’re captivated by it. You want to catalogue it and pigeon-hole it. You want to make monuments about it. And you want to remember the worst of times, and you want to teach them to your children. And you want to have memorial days to point out the very worst of times. And you never want to forget, because you say, “If we don’t turn our attention to the awful things that have happened, then we are sure to repeat them.” And we say the absolute opposite of that is true – it is your attention to the unwanted that causes you to continue to regurgitate them.”

Abraham Hicks, 10/10 2015

You are supposed to feel awful when you focus on something unwanted – that is guidance!!!

“Those buzz words, “fear of failure,” 
someone really did a job of coining a phrase that has hounded a lot of people for a long time. “Fear of failure”. 

Now, let’s break that down: Fear means, I’m focusing upon the opposite of what I want. 

And failure has never been on my Things-To-Do-Today List. So, we think fear and failure are perfect words to go together, because when I look at success, I feel good. When I imagine success, I feel good. When I imagine failure, I feel awful. 

Now, why would I feel awful, when I contemplate failure? ‘Cause I don’t want failure, because my Inner Being sees me as a successful Being. So, when I have images of failure that I’m focused upon, of course – That’s like saying, “Why does my hand hurt when I put it on the hot stove?” 

We say, because the stove’s hot. 
You say, “Yeah, but why does it hurt
when I put my hand on the hot stove?” 
We say, well, because the stove is hot. 
You say, “Yeah, but why does it hurt 
when I put my hand on the hot stove?” 

…It’s the same thing. “Why do I feel negative emotion when I contemplate failure?” Because your Guidance System is saying to you, when possible, make a legal u-turn.”

Abraham Hicks, 24/4 2005

There is only one reason why some people can eat that and thrive while others gain weight:

People respond differently to the food because the food is not the constant – the thought is.

It is the way you are thinking about the food that is making the difference.

Abraham Hicks