Life Does Not Punish You Or Teach You Lessons It Just Gives You More Of What Matches Your Thoughts

When you’re going through tough times, it’s easy to believe that life is out to get you. That the universe is conspiring against you. That everything is happening TO you.

But the truth is, life doesn’t work that way. Life isn’t punishing you or teaching you lessons. It’s simply giving you more of what matches your thoughts.

If you’re thinking negative thoughts, then you’ll attract more negativity into your life. If you’re thinking positive thoughts, then you’ll attract more positivity.

It’s up to you what kind of thoughts you choose to think. And it’s up to you what kind of life you want to create for yourself.

So if you’re ready to start attracting more of what you want into your life, then start thinking positive thoughts today. It’s the first step to creating the life of your dreams.