28 Weeks Pregnant With My Second Baby

At 28 weeks pregnant with my second baby, I’m feeling pretty nervous but also excited about the coming months. My first pregnancy was pretty uneventful and easy, so I’m not sure what to expect this time around.

One thing that’s definitely different this time is that I’ve got a toddler at home who needs my attention as well. She’s getting to be a busy little girl, and sometimes I feel like she needs all of my energy just to keep up with her.

Luckily, I’ve found that I’m still able to get in plenty of rest when I need it. With the first pregnancy, I was exhausted all the time and constantly felt like I was running on fumes. But this time, I seem to be able to take it a little bit easier and not feel like I’m about to collapse at any moment.

I think the biggest change with this pregnancy is just that everything seems so much more real now. At 28 weeks pregnant, it’s really starting to sink in that soon, I’ll be a mom of two. And even though things are feeling a bit more stressful at times, I’m also looking forward to all of the new adventures that motherhood will bring!

That’s it for my update on how I’m doing at 28 weeks pregnant with my second baby. Hopefully, everything continues to progress smoothly and I can enjoy the next few months without too many complications! Good luck to all of you moms-to-be out there as well. You’re doing a great job, and I know that you’ll be amazing parents once your babies arrive.​