But my loved one died! How can I ever feel good again?

It is alright, don’t beat up on yourself for feeling bad right now, it is ok. Of course there will be things that happen, like this, that temporarily causes us to focus negatively but it is ok! You WILL FEEL RELIEF, and then more relief and eventually you will feel good again. And you will feel more loved and more empowered than you have ever felt before – there is no death it is only a change of focus. Of course you can access everyone that has transitioned – but not from your bad-feeling place.

You have to find your way to go more general until you feel relief – back up to the principles of Law of Attraction, listen to Abraham Hicks speaking of the croaking experience and find relief from that to begin with.

When you mom died when I was 17 – and also when my dad died when I was 24 – I was devastated in the beginning. I did not know about Law of attraction – but learning about it has changed how I view everything – including death. I feel more loved by my parents and more close to my parents now that they are “dead” than I ever did before in my entire life. Learning about law of attraction has changed everything for me.


A life-changing decision, yet so simple you can begin right now!

There are so many things you could choose to focus on. Why not begin to be more deliberate about what you choose to flow your energy toward? It does not matter how many negative things that are happening around you – there are always more positve things to focus on! It is ALL about your chosen perception!

Even negative things have positive sides to them because in each negative thing there is a positive opposite on which you could choose to focus instead! If you know something does not feel good, then you know what would feel good instead – always. It is just a matter of a perception.

Are you willing to let go of your specific focus on the negative things that bring you down and instead lift your focus, go more general and then turn your focus in more positive ways? This is a life-changing decision and yet something to simple that you can choose to do it starting right now!!!

An aligning game for today


Be more playful and light-hearted today. Decide to not take things so seriously,  no matter what happens.

It is so good for you to have this playful easy – going attitude, this allows your energy to flow and you will feel the ease in your every cell.

Like Abraham Hicks says, there is nothing serious going on anyway! We are all here for the fun of it so stop making such a big hairy deal out of everything!  Relax! Chill! Have fun! Enjoy yourself!