22 Weeks Pregnant With My Second Baby

At 22 weeks pregnant with my second baby, I’m really starting to feel the physical and emotional effects of pregnancy. My body is definitely feeling heavier and more tired, especially as I’m chasing after a busy toddler all day long. And I’m also experiencing some mood swings and irritability – not sure if that’s related to my hormones or just the challenges of raising a toddler!

From a medical perspective, everything seems to be going well with this pregnancy. I’m still attending my regular checkups and ultrasounds every few weeks, and my doctor says that baby is growing right on track. We’re also starting to prepare for our baby’s arrival, by registering for some items like nursery furniture and clothing, and stocking up on diapers and wipes.

Although I’m excited about meeting our baby in a few months, I must admit that I’ll also miss being pregnant. It’s definitely been an experience that has brought my family closer together, as we’ve all enjoyed watching our little one grow inside me. And it’s been an incredible journey to realize that my body is capable of creating and sustaining life.

Overall, I feel incredibly blessed to be 22 weeks pregnant with my second baby, and I can’t wait to welcome our little one into the world!