20 Weeks Pregnant With My Second Baby

20 weeks pregnant with my second baby – how am I feeling?

At 20 weeks pregnant with my second baby, I’m honestly feeling great! Overall, this pregnancy has been much easier than my first one. My morning sickness didn’t kick in until around the 6-8 week mark, and I’ve been lucky enough to avoid most of the common pregnancy side effects, from backaches to leg cramps. I’m also finding that this second time around I seem to have more energy than before, which is definitely a welcome change!

Overall, the bump still isn’t very noticeable yet – but it’s getting bigger every day and I can feel my little one moving inside me. In fact, sometimes I’m not sure who’s moving more – me or the baby! It’s a wonderful feeling to know that I have another little one growing inside of me, and I am so excited for each new milestone as my pregnancy progresses.