19 Weeks Pregnant

At 19 weeks pregnant, you’re hitting the halfway mark of your first trimester. This is a key time in your pregnancy because it’s when most women find out they are pregnant and have their first ultrasound. Find out what to expect at this stage, including how big your baby is and which vital organs he or she can now feel developing.

A big milestone of 19 weeks in pregnancy is your ultrasound exam. This ultrasound can check on the baby’s development, but you may not get to see him or her yet. The doctor will look at your baby’s organs and make sure everything is developing normally. The sonographer will also take measurements of the baby’s head and abdomen as well.

In addition to your baby’s ultrasound, 19 weeks pregnant is a time when you may be suffering from some new pregnancy symptoms, including fatigue and morning sickness. Fatigue can make it difficult for you to get out of bed in the morning or resist falling asleep on the couch after lunchtime. Morning sickness is also commonly called “morning, afternoon, and evening sickness,” as nausea can strike at any time. Unfortunately, there’s no cure for morning sickness but it usually goes away by 20 weeks pregnant.

In addition to your growing baby, 19 weeks pregnant means that some changes will be happening in your body too. You may start having Braxton Hicks contractions or feel uterine cramps as your body gets ready for labor. You may also notice that your breasts are getting bigger and even start to leak colostrum – the first breast milk you’ll make after birth.

Ultimately, 19 weeks pregnant means that you’re halfway through your pregnancy. Many moms-to-be at this point experience excitement but also a bit of stress. Do your best to find ways to cope with potential stressors and enjoy coming closer to meeting your little one!