NOW is everything



Have you fallen into the trap of looking for love and approval from others?

You are born loving yourself and absolutely adoring yourself. It is right for you to continue feeling love for yourself your entire life – that is what is normal!

There are many people in our society who want you to behave and be in certain ways in order for them to give you their approval – and if you begin to listen to them you will little by little lose your own sense of guidance from within.

They want you to stop selfishly doing what feels good to you and instead do what feels good to them (satisfy THEIR selfish need and not yours 😉 ) and if you fall into that trap you begin looking for love and approval outside of yourself…

But don’t worry. You can find your way back to your own empowerment again. Your love and approval of yourself is always within you, you just have to begin caring about yourself and how you feel again and leave what others might think of you out of the equation – and you CAN do that!

You are guided toward what feels good, at all times

You are never guided away from something – your inner guidance is always guiding you TO what will feel good, TO what you desire.

Your inner guidance will always guide you to more things that will feel really good to you. Anytime you find yourself in a situation that does not feel good, you have not been following your inner guidance. But don’t worry! Your guidance is ALWAYS PRESENT – the question is if you are listening or not.