The Right Path Is One That Feels Good

The feeling of “rightness” is something that is often overlooked in the decision-making process. We are taught to question our gut instincts, and to instead rely on logic and reasoning. But what if our gut instinct is actually the best guide?

The truth is, our gut feelings are often more accurate than our rational thoughts. Studies have shown that our intuition is actually a form of unconscious pattern recognition. This means that we are constantly taking in information at a subconscious level, and our intuition is able to pick up on these patterns.

It’s no wonder then that many successful people credit their success to following their gut instinct. Steve Jobs, for example, famously said, “I trust my intuition. It’s always kept me in good stead.”

So if you’re feeling stuck in a decision, don’t be afraid to go with your gut. It just might be the best path for you.