An aligning game before falling asleep

When you have gone to bed just close your eyes and imagine a really good-feeling scenario happening to you. Maybe you are at a beach enjoying the warm sun while listening to the relaxing ocean or you could be getting a massage at a beautiful spa… Just let your imagination run wild and imagine a scenario that feels wonderful to you. It is a great way to line up your energy before drifting off to sleep.


If they don’t get you

Don’t worry if people don’t agree with you and cannot see it in the way you do! All that matters is that you agree with yourself, that you choose to do what feels good to you. They are just as free as you to believe and think in the ways they desire to. Their ways might be different from yours, but that is ok! ☆

No matter how bad you feel, the path is right in front of you!

It does not matter how bad you feel or how long you have felt like that, there is always a step toward relief ready for you.

There are paths and opportunities for you to feel a little less miserable and then a little less and then another step that will start to feel slightly better and slightly better until you feel really good. The steps are infront of you, all the time,  and all it takes is for you to at least be willing to acknowledge that you want to feel better. That you want to improve your life. That you want to improve your thinking.

If you have lots of acne, cellulites or something else that you hate:

Now it is more important than ever that you learn to love yourself as you are. You cannot condemn something about yourself and complain about it and attract the improvements you desire.

You have to improve how you feel about yourself regardless what has happened or what is going on right now. And yes it is possible!

You are so worthy, so blessed, so adored and so loved – source is always looking at you with such strong love and appreciation!  But you cannot feel it when you keep blocking it with your condemnation.

Improve your thinking little by little and you will tap into the love that is you. And when you do, the improvements will follow. It is natural!

The key to attracting what you desire

The feeling behind your thought is the key to attracting what you desire!  If you feel good while thinking then you are attracting what you desire with your chosen focus.

If you feel anything less than good then you are blocking what you desire from coming to you. It is fun and exciting to attract and create what you desire!

Let your imagination run wild!

Imagine yourself being as successful as you desire to be, imagine yourself doing all the things you would love to do if you had the money you desire! Imagine for the excitement,  the passion and the joy you will feel and know that you are now a match to those things! Ideas and inspiration will come to you that will lead you to what you desire.