There Are No Victims We Are All Powerful Creators

There are no victims. We are all powerful creators. No matter what has happened to us in our past, we have the ability to create our own future.

We are not victims of our circumstances; we are creators of our own reality. Every thought, every feeling, and every action creates our reality.

The power to create our own reality is within each one of us. We can choose to victimize ourselves, or we can choose to empower ourselves. The choice is ours.

When we choose to victimize ourselves, we give away our power. We become powerless victims of circumstance. We believe that we are powerless to change our lives, and so we don’t even try.

When we choose to empower ourselves, we take back our power. We become powerful creators of our own reality. We believe that we have the power to change our lives, and so we do.

The choice is ours. Choose wisely.