30 Days Of Choosing To Feel Good Unconditionally 22


It’s time to celebrate all that you have achieved in the past 30 days! You have done a tremendous amount of work to create positive change in your life. It is important to take this final day of the challenge and acknowledge all that you have accomplished. Make a list of everything that you are proud of and give yourself an internal pat on the back for all that you have done.

Be sure to think about both small and larger successes during this time. Maybe it was something as simple as waking up early every morning or developing a healthier eating routine. Perhaps, it was also completing a major project at work or talking through an issue with someone close to you. No matter the size of your accomplishments, each one is important and worthy of celebration.

If you are finding it difficult to focus on the positives, look back over your daily reflections for inspiration. When reflecting during this challenge, there likely were times when you felt proud of yourself or saw progress in an area where you may have been struggling. Remind yourself that all those successes did not go unnoticed and remain grateful for them today.

By now you should have a better understanding of what it means to choose to feel good unconditionally each day. This challenge has been about creating space for positive emotions instead of negative ones and it is our hope that you will continue this journey long after this month ends.